{ Ear-catching Pop Sensibilities with a Slice of Soft Rock } 



It’s finally, finally here!  On 8 July 2014 Sean opened up the archives and let YOU, his fans, in on the songwriting process. Twenty-three (23) song ideas were tabled for public vote…

and were whittled down to the top 10! Now, almost 1.5 years later, Sean is proud to release the album you helped shape and create. THIS is your album!

Thanks to the following people for making this album possible:


Kelly Beanland, Torsten Borg, Andre Bredell, Rowan Brown, Marios Christodoulous, Yiota Chrysostomou, Ryan Claasen, Nina Claasen, Michael Combrinck, Tomo Coplestone, Brett Dodds, Natasha Dyer, Nicholas Dyer, Nicola Eastlake, Harry Eleftheriou, Colin Elmo, Brad Faye, Andrea Fisher-Jeffes, Lara Forsyth, Louis Fourie, Thaakirah Fredericks, Bryan Gardner, Nick Gaudion, Brett Gieseke, Erin Gieseke, Jacques Gieseke, Olwethu Gontsana, Debi Grotepass, Andrew Hawkes, Chris Horak, Ivan Hutton, Tracy Klerck, Mickey Knox, Mallory Kretzmann, James Lannon, Sehlule Limba, Barry Lottering, Adam Lynch, Melanie Marais, Susan McGee, Kevin Meiring, Salvadore Mestre Bosca, Kirsten Moffatt, Devina Mokram, Sharma Mokram, Lisa Moodley, Karla Mulder, Steve Neville, Katerina Neville, Kathryn Nuttal, Dewald Olivier, Carl Olivier, Jiten Ramjee, Stuart Reece, Yuveel Retroville, Lucie Reynolds, Justin Roberts, Dudley Russom, Shaun Saker, Dane Schafer, Simon Schnettler, Tanya Scholtz, Jose Smith, Hayley Smith, Blake Sorour, Sheldon Steyn, Ricky Thomas, Bronwyn van Zyl, Russell van Zyl, Caileigh Victor, Gareth Wall, Celeste Westraad, Stuart York, Victoria York, Zack Young.

With special thanks to:

God, Mom & Dad, Torsten Borg (recording), Danny Joyce (recording), Bryan McLagan (mixing), Karla Mulder (marketing, visual), Brett Gieseke (graphics), Suraj Sharma (admin), Irma Pretorius (choir), Tanya Scholtz (choir), Thaakirah Fredericks (choir), Wynand Pretorius (choir).

Official release date TBC!!

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Sean David isn’t just another fresh faced artist looking to catch his big break by regurgitating the same old formula. Arguably the best undiscovered talent in the Southern hemisphere, South Africa’s favourite son…

…is also a qualified chartered accountant, so he has the brains to boot and he’s putting them to good use.

Having strummed his first chord in 2002 and going on to lead his local church worship team for a number of years, Sean has worked hard at his craft and brings a great deal of experience to the table. His innovative Create Your Own Album project, allowing fans to get involved in the song writing process of his debut album, has only served to reinforce and strengthen his skills. As a man who takes pride with being in tune with what listeners want, Sean is also known to release infectious renditions of popular covers, including Prime Circle’s “My Inspiration,” Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” and of course, “Stuck in the Middle with You”.

Perhaps one of Sean’s biggest selling points is his ability to take his art seriously, but never take himself too seriously. This translates in “Stuck in the Middle with You” which is bright, light-hearted, and shows Sean enlisting some lovely lady friends to help sing along. With big blocks of alternating colour defining the landscape Sean and his two gals trade off singing verses, each with their own unique delivery.

But the real fun is seen when the three singers come together as one. The energy and excitement is apparent and the smiles on their faces are genuine whether they’re focused on the task in front of them, or simply just hamming it up for the camera!
Sean David is an artist who knows how to have fun.